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Brand Design for RT Cookies

Client: RT Cookies.

Brief: RT Cookies sought a rebrand to achieve a contemporary and adaptable look that would accommodate their growing product range in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. The objective was to create a logo that seamlessly integrated with grocery store shelves while standing out from the competition. Additionally, a comprehensive brand style guide was needed to ensure consistency. The rebrand aimed to appeal to the target audience and align with RT Cookies’ mission of spreading joy, bringing people together, delivering superior products, and creating special moments.

Result: The rebrand for RT Cookies was an undeniable success, as it flawlessly achieved all the objectives outlined in the brief. The design itself was meticulously crafted, combining a bold and modern font with an energetic and friendly script font. In addition, a custom illustration was commissioned specifically for the cookies, serving as a delightful visual element that added a touch of fun to their marketing materials. The carefully chosen colour palette effectively conveyed the diverse range of flavours, including mouthwatering options like caramel, chocolate chip, and pecan. To ensure consistency and coherence, a comprehensive style guide was developed, providing clear brand rules, typography guidelines, color schemes, and imagery suggestions. The overall brand exudes a sense of friendly, attainable self-indulgence, enticing customers to treat themselves without hesitation. The rebrand’s undeniable impact was reinforced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback it received, further confirming its resounding success.

Skills: Skills: Logo Design, Branding, Rebrand Design, Style Guide, Brand Guidelines, FMCG, Brandmark Design.