My Portfolio

Leaflet Design for Agrisicilia

Client: Agrisicilia.

Brief: Design a trade presenter pamphlet that is informative, visually appealing, and entices the audience with Agrisicilia’s offerings.

Result: I created a captivating pamphlet that perfectly met the client’s brief. The design of the brochure is both visually appealing and aligned with Agrisicilia’s brand guidelines. It showcases the rustic charm of their products, drawing attention and leaving a lasting impression. The pamphlet effectively communicates the key information about Agrisicilia’s offerings, making it an informative sales tool. With expertise in pamphlet design, brochure creation, flyer design, and graphic design, I ensured that the final result captures the attention of the target audience and presents Agrisicilia’s products in an attractive and enticing manner.

Skills: Pamphlet Design, Brochure, Flyer, Graphic Design.