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Report Design for The Point of Loyalty

Client: The Point of Loyalty.

Brief: Design the Annual Report titled “For the Love of Money” for The Point of Loyalty. The report should have a clean, contemporary look, ensuring ease of readability. It should also be enjoyable to read, engaging stakeholders with its content.

Result: The Annual Report “For the Love of Money” was expertly designed, successfully meeting the brief and achieving its objectives. The report’s dynamic design captivated readers, blending creativity with adherence to brand guidelines. Custom icons, charts, tables, and infographics were meticulously crafted to enhance visual communication and facilitate information comprehension. The overall design struck a balance between being eye-catching and professional, ensuring the report’s appeal to a wide audience. The clean and informative layout facilitated seamless reading and understanding of the content. To enhance the report’s visual impact, a custom illustration was commissioned for the cover picture, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Skills: Publication Design, Annual Report, Digital Design, Editorial, Corporate Report, Visual Communication, Infographic Design.