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Social Media for LLumar

Client: LLumar.

Brief: Design eye-catching social media tiles to promote LLumar’s new brand of window tints: Stratos. The objective is to create bold digital designs that effectively capture attention and appeal to the target audience. The tiles should not only meet the brief but also convey LLumar’s commitment to quality and innovation in the window tinting industry.

Result: The social media tiles for LLumar’s Stratos window tints exceeded expectations, delivering remarkable results. The bold and creative digital designs effectively met the brief, capturing attention and generating interest. Bright and vibrant colors were strategically utilised to attract viewers and create a visually stimulating experience. The use of high-end sports cars as visual elements added a touch of aspiration and allure, resonating strongly with the target audience. Overall, the tiles achieved a visually appealing and eye-catching look that aligns with LLumar’s brand image and stands out in the competitive social media landscape.

Skills: Social Media Graphics, Facebook Tiles, Digital Design.